Things to see & do

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Fairy day

Two of the Greenway fairies hiding in the bushes

Two of the Greenway fairies hiding in the bushes

Sunday 31 May, 2-4pm, £3 child (normal admissions apply)

Calling all little fairies and pirates who would love to come to the ball - join us for adventures and crafts in celebration of fairy Queen Camellia's birthday. Will the pirates manage to decorate their ship in time for her party? And will Fairy Dandelion make a new ball gown in time? Find out on fairy day.

Don't miss...

  • The Peach House, which was restored a couple of years ago
  • The views from the Top Garden over the river are breathtaking
  • The frieze in the library is an unexpected show stopper
  • The boathouse - the perfect place to relax by the river
  • A changing programme of exhibitions in the barn gallery above the cafĂ©
  • Find out about Agatha and her husband Max's time on archaeology digs
  • On Wednesdays at 11.30am and 1pm one of the volunteers, Ken, gives a history walk and talk, leaving from the courtyard
  • The new vegetable beds in the Walled Garden, tended to by volunteer Graham
  • The free daily garden walk with a member of the garden team, leaving from outside the shop

House trail

One day for an adventure © Webster Wickham

In the house there's loads of family fun to be had with a trail - see how many horses, boats and crocodiles you can find. Just ask for a trail at Visitor Reception.

Nature trail

A little girl admiring the daffodils  © Tony Cobley

Greenway garden is filled with interesting plants and wildlife all waiting to be discovered. Pick up a nature trail from Visitor Reception when you arrive.

Garden tour

Every day when Greenway is open, one of our fantastic garden team lead a free tour around the garden. It's the perfect way to find out all about the history and horticulture of Greenway garden.

50 things challenge

Are you up for the 50 things before you're 11¾ challenge? At Greenway you can...

  • Run around in the rain
  • Hunt for bugs
  • Climb a tree
  • Make a grass trumpet
  • Climb a huge hill

Sophie Hannah is inspired by Greenway © Sophie Hannah

Sophie Hannah is inspired by Greenway

Creative inspiration

Sophie Hannah, bestselling author and creator of the latest Poirot novel, 'The Monogram Murders,' describes why Greenway is special for her.

'Greenway is an enchanted place - a piece of perfection in a world that is far from perfect. I come here regularly for inspiration, and to recharge my creative batteries in idyllic surroundings. Agatha Christie's decision to make this stunning house her holiday home proves - as if her novels were not already sufficient proof - that she had the most brilliant of minds.'