Fun house facts


Memories of Greenway © National Trust

In most rooms in the house there are scrapbooks with fun facts and information about the rooms and Agatha's time at Greenway. Pick them up on your visit to find out more.

Don't forget to ask our fantastic volunteers and questions you have - they are full of information.

The drawing room

Play on the piano in the Drawing Room © Nick Guttridge

Furnished with items from Agatha’s childhood home of Ashfield, Torquay, the drawing room was where the family gathered in the evenings for music, games and first readings of new manuscripts. It was added on to the building in 1815 along with the dining room, which makes it the newest part of the house.

The Steinway piano

Agatha loved to play the piano but she had awful stage fright © Christopher Woodman

Agatha trained as a concert pianist but was too shy to perform, even for her family. The only person she would play for was her second husband, Max Mallowan.

When you visit why not play the piano? If you haven't got musical fingers, we often have volunteers playing for you to listen to and enjoy.

Mobile phone

The collection includes a 1980s mobile phone  © Christopher Woodman

Made in the 1980s this mobile phone was used by Anthony Hicks when working in the gardens.

It had one hour of battery life and weighs 3.5kg. It was the second ‘mobile’ phone made.

Meet Mrs Mallowan

Do you want to know a bit more about Agatha Christie (known locally by her married name, Mrs Mallowan) and how she came to use Greenway as her holiday home?

Don't miss...

  • The kitchen in Greenway House the beloved holiday home of Agatha Christie © Christopher Woodman


    Much the same as when Agatha had it, with an oil-fueled Aga and serving lunches for visitors.

  • The cupboards full of collections at Greenway © Christopher Woodman

    Winter dining room

    Five generations of Agatha’s family collected over 11,000 objects now in the house.

  • The hallway gives an insight into the vast collections of Agatha © National Trust

    Main hall

    Home to the gong from 'The Second Gong'; the second strike provided the vital clue.

  • Max Mallowan used this as a writing room to work on his notes from digs © Chris Woodman

    Sitting room

    Find out all about Agatha and Max's time on archaeological digs.

Take a look around

In September 2014 ITV West Country explored Greenway, and got to know the house that Agatha Christie called 'the loveliest place in the world.' Take a look at this video for a true insight into the house and collection, and see how Agatha and her family spent their time here.

Library frieze

The frieze is an unexpected showstopper © Christopher Woodman

The frieze is an unexpected showstopper

Technically graffiti, the frieze was painted by Lieutenant Marshall Lee of the US Coastguard during the Second World War. The images depict the journey of the flotilla, starting to the left of the chimney breast and going clockwise around the room.

Lobster ice cream dish

This icecream dish combined two of Agatha's favourite things © Christopher Woodman

This icecream dish combined two of Agatha's favourite things

Lobster was one of Agatha’s favourite dishes, which was served at her 80th birthday party, as well as blackcurrant ice cream. The full menu for the party can be found in the dining room scrap book.

An exciting discovery

A handwritten name tag in the front of a nightdress belonging to Agatha © Christopher Woodman

A handwritten name tag in the front of a nightdress belonging to Agatha

The house team have recently uncovered a beautiful nightdress belonging to Agatha Christie. It is now on display in Agatha's bedroom, with two other never-before-seen outfits.

Did you know?

The bookcase at the top of the stairs was custom made for Rosalind and Anthony and holds only Agatha Christie paperbacks.

Damascus chest

This beautifully crafted chest cost more to ship back from Damascus than it did to buy, and now has pride of place in Agatha's bedroom.

Max's campaign bed

This was the bed that Agatha's husband Max took on his archaeological digs. He found it so comfortable that he decided to use it here at Greenway.

Winter clean

The collection in Greenway house keep the Conservation Assistants busy

Ever wondered what happens at Greenway while it's closed? Over winter the house team put everything to bed; they worked from the top to the bottom of the house cleaning, condition reporting and storing everything.