Step back in time

Whether you want to explore the intricacies of the past or step back in time, Greys Court is the place for you. With Tudor architecture, fashionable 18th-century additions and a stylish vintage home, there is something for everyone.

A colourful past

Sewn into a Tudor mansion is a mid 20th-century interior, with an 18th-century tweak. All edged with a medieval parkland, Greys Court is a rich patchwork of styles and stories.

For kids

The donkey wheel in use until 1914

Families will be inspired to explore this wonderfully historic place. Find where the donkey worked to draw the water, climb the Great Tower to see the medieval walls or step through the door of a family home.

Hidden histories

The complicated history of the house is hinted at by a bricked up door

Explore the often overlooked objects and the rich stories they tell us and follow a trail around Greys Court.

Don't miss...

  • Wonderfully intricate workings of the Tudor donkey wheel
  • The wall to the Great Tower, dating from the late 12th century
  • Recycled medieval mullions and Tudor panelling
  • 18th-century parkland, romantic ruins and dairy
  • Parchmarks in the summer plotting out the layout of older buildings
  • A 16th-century mansion with a 20th-century twist