The Massingberds of Gunby

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  • 1700 Sir William Massingberd builds Gunby Hall
  • 1750 William Meux Massingberd adds coach houses
  • 1817 Peregrine Langton Massingberd shapes the parkland and plants trees
  • 1844 Naughty Algernon inherits Gunby aged 16 and brings it to the brink of bankruptcy
  • 1855 Naughty Algernon is assumed dead in the Amazon
  • 1863 Charles Langton Massingberd inherits Gunby Hall
  • 1873 Charles Langton Massingberd builds north wing
  • 1898 Stephen and Margaret Massingberd add to the north wing
  • 1936 Lady Diana and Field Marshal Archibald Montgomery Massingberd move into Gunby Hall
  • 1944 Gunby Hall is gifted to National Trust

Gunby Hall in 1810

Gunby Hall in 1810 © National Trust

Gunby Hall in 1810

This painting of Gunby Hall in 1810 is by Peregrine Langton Massingberd. It shows the main body of the hall as it was built in 1700 without its Victorian extension.

Gunby Hall in 1892

Gunby Hall in 1892 © National Trust

Gunby Hall in 1892

In 1873 Charles Langton added the north wing to the existing body of the Hall. This photograph of 1892 shows the three-window extension.

Gunby Hall in 1900

Gunby Hall in 1900 © National Trust

Gunby Hall in 1900

In 1898 Stephen and Margaret Massingberd added a further two windows. This photo of 1900 shows Gunby Hall as the building you see today.

Gunby Hall in 1963

Gunby Hall in 1963 © National Trust

Gunby Hall in 1963

This photograph shows how Gunby's Gardens looked in 1963. The rose beds and tree planting have since changed.

Gunby Hall in 2013

Gunby Hall is nestled in 8 acre gardens © National Trust

Gunby Hall is nestled in 8 acre gardens

This aerial photograph shows Gunby Hall as you will see it today. Explore its three floors and learn more about its history, collection and the Massingberd family.

Notable Massingberds: Emily Langton Massingberd

Emily Langton Massingberd founded the Pioneer Club in 1892

Emily Langton was a women's rights campaigner and temperance activist. She founded the Pioneer Club in 1892 with the object of the political and moral advancement of women.

Notable Massingberds: Margaret Lushington

Margaret Lushington Massingberd painted by Arthur Hughes in 1903

Margaret married Stephen Massingberd in 1895. She was the daughter of Jane and Judge Vernon Lushington who were great patrons of Pre-Raphaelite artists. Margaret died young aged 37.

Notable Massingberds: Field Marshal Archibald

Archibald Montgomery Massingberd became Field Marshal in 1935

Archibald Montgomery married Diana Massingberd who inherited Gunby Hall in 1926. After a glittering military career he was made Field Marshal in 1935. Archie saved Gunby Hall from demolition in 1944.