So much to explore

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Take a self-led walk

Use the map and directions for a gentle self-led walk through the Gunby Gardens. There are no steps and most paths have loose gravel. Feel free to walk on the grass.

Buy a Gunby plant

Gunby plants are sold by the Garden Team

The garden team is always on hand if you want to buy a plant grown at Gunby. Do ring us on 01754 890102 to check if the shop is open on the day that you are visiting.

Use the new map

Follow the link below to download our brand new map of the Gunby grounds. It will help you find all our interesting features: from the wildflower walk and apple pergolas to the carp pond and the cedar tree.

Sea holly in the Gunby gardens © Jill Shaw

Sea holly in the Gunby gardens

What's that plant?

Have you spotted a plant you liked on your visit? Not sure what it is? We can help.

Email us and a member of our gardening team will identify the plant.

For best results please:

  • Describe the location of the plant
  • Provide some photographs of the plant
  • Describe any special features such as flower and leaf shape, colour, bark etc.