Discover life as a servant in our below-stairs rooms © National Trust/Victoria Pearce

Discover life as a servant in our below-stairs rooms

School visits

Ham House was built in 1610 and one family lived in the house for over 300 years. We offer workshops centred around two important periods of Ham's history - the Stuarts and the Victorians.

The workshops are designed to accommodate Year 1 to Year 6, with classes of up to 30 children.

Victorian workshop

Discover life as a Victorian housekeeper.  Experience the workings of a Victorian schoolroom in a large house and learn how this is different from schools today.

Stuart workshop

Portrait of Charles I by Sir Anthony Van Dyck in original Sunderland frame

Explore our below stairs rooms and find out about a servant's life in Stuart times, with a chance to cook in the kitchen. Then explore above stairs, dressed in 17th-century courtly attire.

Prices and booking

View of Ham House from across the Plats

  • £2.50 per child for National Trust Education Group Members
  • £3.50 per child for non members
  • Free for teachers

Email us for more details and to book.