What's on offer?

Our resources will stimulate and develop your pupils' skills and knowledge

Our resources will stimulate and develop your pupils' skills and knowledge

Ideally situated to serve the West Midlands we provide a variety of programmes for education groups, led by our learning officer and dedicated volunteers. Get more out of the curriculum from ancient Greeks to the Second World War and servant life.


What you said about our school visits

  • 'Thank you for making our trip to Hanbury Hall so wonderful'
  • 'The children thoroughly enjoyed all of the activities'
  • 'Thank you to brilliant volunteers who created such a special day'
  • 'Both children and adults alike had a good time'
  • 'Many thanks for such a lovely day last week'
  • 'Lord and Lady Vernon were brilliant with the children - thank you'

Indoor school programmes

Living on a Victorian country estate

The tasks of the servants © Kathryn Lovell

Discover what life was like as a servant at Hanbury Hall. You'll meet members of the family and the staff, including the butler and the housekeeper. You'll also attempt the jobs that a servant would do.

Life as a wartime evacuee

Be on your best behaviour when you meet the family © Kathryn Lovell

While you're an evacuee at Hanbury Hall, you can explore the house and take part in an air raid. Then try the duties expected of evacuees during the Second World War and meet members of the family.

Living Ancient Greek history

Dressing up like Greek Gods © Kathryn Lovell

Focusing on the wall and ceiling paintings by Sir James Thornhill, you'll hear the ancient Greek myths they portray and act them out. You'll also discover more about the ancient Greek gods and you can try Greek-themed crafts.

Mini-beast hunting

What will you discover in the mirror pool? © Ruth Darwen

What will you discover in the mirror pool?

There's a range of outdoor programmes for students to take part in. They can go on a mini-beast hunt and discover what creepy crawlies lurk in the soil and hide in trees. You can delve into the pond and find out what's hiding beneath the surface.

Tree studies

Can you work out how tall these trees are? © Philippa Slade

Can you work out how tall these trees are?

This programme specifically focuses on trees. It gives students the opportunity to measure, identify and draw a variety of different trees in the garden.

Map work and orienteering

Find your way around the beautiful gardens © Neil Cook

Find your way around the beautiful gardens

Our map work session gives your students the chance to try out their compass skills and navigate their way around the garden and park.

General information

  • We ask that you bring a minimum of one adult for every eight children
  • Coach parking available a short walk from the house
  • Toilets in the stableyard, plus an emergency toilet in the house
  • Lunch can be eaten in the education room or picnic in the grounds
  • Photography is allowed in the house (without a flash)
  • Trained 'First Aiders' on site

School space

Our events and education room is available to provide a practical space for school groups to take part in activities and where children can leave their coats and have their lunches.

Contact us

If you'd like more information about school visits, including costs, please complete the enquiry form (PDF) and email Deborah Kershaw or call 01527 821214 for more details.