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Winter Conservation Assistant

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During the 2014 winter season we need dedicated Conservation Assistants to help us undertake various tasks. Whether that's helping us clean and cover our showrooms, checking the condition and location of our objects and photographing them, marking them with their inventory number or updating the inventory database.

If you have an interest in historic collections and are keen to learn about The Hardmans' House, photographic history and the conservation of historic houses, get in touch.

When? One weekday day per week, November - mid March, 10am - 4pm.

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No experience needed - just a friendly attitude

For information on all our current voluntary positions and to receive an application form, please email us at or call 0151 709 6261.




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What our volunteers have been up to

  • Reading and transcribing Edward Hardman's honeymoon diary.
  • Uncovering new research and family links to some rather important people.
  • Helping to care for our collection of over 10,000 items.
  • Creating replica diaries and manuscripts for use in our current exhibitions.
  • Inventory checking Margaret Hardman's collection of clothes.
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Working hard in our cellar

We've been busy tackling woodworm and mould in our cellar these past few weeks. Hundreds of objects from wooden crates, glass bulbs, metal lamps and ceramic cups have all been individually photographed, cleaned, their condition recorded and placed back into their original positions.

With the main room now complete, our staff and volunteers now face the task of delicately cleaning all the various glass bottles containing developing solutions in the worker's darkroom. As you can imagine this is an extremely delicate procedure which has to be closely monitored by our conservation team.

Don't forget to buy a raffle ticket on your way through reception. We're hoping to raise a whopping £500 to buy equipment to monitor the temperature and humidity.