Outdoor learning

School children learning in Hardwick’s gardens  © Geoff Hicks 2013

School children learning in Hardwick’s gardens

Learning in the outdoors

With a wide range of learning opportunities available in the outdoors, there has never been a better time for your pupils to learn outside of the classroom.

Below we aim to offer a snippet of the sessions available. For more downloadable information please see the main schools page.

Living things

Life processes and living things

Based at the Park Centre we will explore different habitats at Hardwick, which animals live in them and how they change through the seasons. A flexible session which can be adjusted for class topics and the seasons.

Sculpture trail

50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4 No. 36 Call an Owl

Explore the parkland and discover a series of 21 sculptures made from natural materials. Being inspired by the artwork, students will be able to create their own sculpture to take home.

Garden session

School children learning in the gardens at Hardwick Hall

Explore the gardens and learn how the Tudors and Bess of Hardwick would have utilised the land.


Hardwick Tree Balance

Explore Hardwick and the natural environment using all your senses. Using interactive resources and activities, children will discover the sights, sounds, smells and textures of this unique environment.


Can you find your way with a map and compass?

Using our orienteering resources explore Hardwick's 400 acres of land, improve your map reading, compass and team working skills in order to successfully navigate this diverse landscape.

The environment

School children learning about sustainability at Hardwick

Environmental Change & Sustainable Development

This session looks into how Hardwick was created and managed in the past, as well as how the National Trust care for it today.