Experience Hardwick in winter

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If you have ever wanted to see a new side of Hardwick, November 2013 is your chance. Every Wednesday throughout November visitors will be able to explore Hardwick and discover something new and different about this fabulous property.

“We wanted to give visitors a new insight in to Hardwick” says Nigel Wright, House and Collections Manager, “for visitors who have been before it offer them the chance go look a bit deeper at the house and its collection and for new visitors it’s a whole new National Trust visit."

The openings will include a range of activities from the new below stairs cooking experiences with traditional recipes and ingredients to a focus on conservation with some of the more fragile items coming out of store to be cleaned.

Watch the rush matting being relaid

The highlight for visitors, volunteers and staff will be the laying of the new rush matting in the High Great Chamber. This plaited matting of rushes and herbs is exactly the same style and method which Bess would have instructed her craftsmen to use.

As the most impressive room in the North of England, the High Great Chamber deserved such elaborate and expensive flooring. Even in 2013 it will take the Matters a week to carefully plait the English bulrushes together to create the unique event.

Special November openings - 12pm - 3pm, with tours throughout the day

6 November Explore the Kitchens of Hardwick and meet the people who prepared the tasty treats for Christmas. Discover the uses of the Still Room and the life of the Still Room maid.

13 November Alongside the Hardwick conservation team, meet the team from the National Textile conservatory as they conserve the fabulous Lapierre canopy in the Long Gallery and the chairs in the Long Gallery.

20 November A once in a life time opportunity to see the High Great Chamber as it has new flooring installed. The matting team will be plaiting their way across the room, twisting lavender and other herbs to make the room smell and feel amazing.

27 November Get ready for Christmas and learn about the traditional recipes and ingredients used at this time of year. See how a great house like Hardwick stocked its larders and pantries for winter with our costumed interpreters.