The Hatchlands Park tree house project

Tree house

Have you visited our natural adventure area for children, Wizard Wix’s Willow Warren? This recent project, built by our park and gardens team, has proved hugely popular with children and their parents. Now we want to make it even better.

Enjoy an aerial adventure

We’re going to add a magical tree house to the adventure area. We think it’ll be great fun for everybody, big and small. It could fill the role of an enchanted castle, a haunted house, a secret hideaway, or just a dry spot for a picnic. It’ll also be a real life lookout post where you can get up into the trees and see a bird’s eye view of our beautiful woodland in Great Wix Wood.

A big thank you

As with all grand plans, our tree house carried a price tag and we asked for your help. From donating online to supporting our second-hand book shop you helped us to raise over £20,000 throughout last year. We'd like to say a big thank you and a massive well done.
Now that we've raised the money we're ready to begin construction. We're looking to get going around the middle of February when we hope that the worst of the winter weather will be over. We're very hopeful that the tree house will be up and ready for fun and games by the Easter weekend.
Thanks for being a part of our Tree House Tribe and helping to support our lofty ambitions.