Natural adventure area at Hatchlands Park

Grab a map from reception and head out along our blue walk into Great Wix Wood. As you enter the wood you'll find Wizard Wix's Willow Warren, our natural adventure area for children. This is the perfect spot to run around, be active and enjoy nature. Here are a few ideas for fun things to do when you get there.

Child playing in the natural adventure area

Balance beams and leaping logs

There's a row of balance beams running down one side of Wix's Warren. You can follow the willow tunnels to find the beams then balance your way along to the wizard sculpture. Head back along the other side leaping from log to log, how many can you do in a row?

Children in the adventure area at Hatchlands Park

Den building

Underneath the trees you'll find a big pile of logs, branches, bark and leaves. You can play with them however you like but they're great for making dens. We've found that this is one of the most popular pastimes at Wizard Wix's - it's also one of our 50 things to do before you're 11 ¾.

Willow tunnels at Hatchlands Park

Tunnels and domes

We've made tunnels and domes out of willow wands, you can run through the tunnels and end up in the domes. There are some carved wooden stools in the largest dome next to the picnic area.

Bluetits at Hatchlands Park

Wildlife watching

We've put up bird feeders to attract some wildlife and a bug hotel to help keep the bugs snug. If you come along on a quiet day and stay patient you'll see plenty of local species. Occasionally birds drop seeds and this attracts other woodland creatures. On a damp day you might spot a footprint or two.

A family picnic at Hatchlands Park

Picnic area

Mums and dads feeling tired? We've added some benches where they can sit down and take a break whilst you carry on with the important stuff. Or if you've bought snacks then this is a great place to stop and eat them.

Children with wooden sculpture


There are loads of wooden sculptures all over the place. You'll find wizards, a falcon, a badger, a green man, mushrooms and more. The biggest ones are made from the trunks of old trees that used to stand here, but you can pick up some of the little ones and move them about. How many can you find?

But don't let us tell you how to have fun, we know you'll think of even more ways to enjoy this area, so visit us soon and spend some time in our woodland wonderland.