Controlling our indoor environment at Hatchlands

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Hatchlands is a family home and every room is used by our tenant. This gives our house its homely atmosphere but it also means things occasionally get a little untidy. Every day we tidy and vacuum every room and dust every surface. This is one of the best ways to prevent pest problems.


Happily we don’t have many problems with pests because we work hard to prevent them. Regular vacuuming means that bugs have as little as possible to feed on and no place to hide. We monitor carefully for any pest activity using pheromone lure traps and blunder traps, these are checked every week and new finds recorded.

A stable environment

Relative humidity is the amount of moisture in the air in relation to the temperature and we use it to monitor the house’s environment. In an historic environment this is very important, large fluctuations in temperature can cause inlays to lift and wood to warp or even crack if the warming is extreme or sudden.

Each room contains a humidifier unit that senses changes to the air and releases small amounts of moisture to maintain balance.

Light relief

As you look around our house you'll notice that each window is fitted with blinds used to cut down the amount of sunlight our collections are exposed to. In addition each pane of glass in our windows is fitted with a UV filter. Just as with our skin and eyes, it is the UV spectrum of light which causes damage to materials.