The highs and lows of caring for Hatchlands

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It’s not just the furniture and the objects in our on-show rooms at Hatchlands Park that need careful care and attention during the winter. The rooms themselves need to be looked after to keep them fit for an Admiral and also for the thousands of visitors that see them over the course of a season.

The high-life...

Most of the house team here at Hatchlands are trained in the construction of tower scaffolding. This means that during the winter we can reach up to dust the intricate plaster ceilings, the delicate curtain pelmets and carefully wash the beautiful chandeliers.

…and the low

The floors also need care and attention after a busy open season. Every year in the winter we give them three coatings of floor wax to protect them. Because of their age and the risk of damage to the furniture and skirting boards we have to apply and buff off all three coats of wax by hand.

Whilst we’re waxing

As well as dusting the wooden furniture and pianos we also give most of them a protective coating of wax. The only exceptions to this are objects which are lacquered, painted, ebonised or Japanned, as over the years these ornamental surfaces can be worn away by the rubbing and buffing involved.

In all our places we use a natural, non-silicone wax because it leaves no permanent residue. When using wax on any of our collections we have to avoid any carved details. Once wax gets into these areas it is nearly impossible to remove entirely, then over time the wax crystallises and turns white.