The Cobbe Collection of instruments

This collection of over 40 keyboard instruments is one of the largest of its kind in the world. Discover instruments that were owned or played by some of history's greatest composers. A must see for music lovers.

The Cobbe Collection of pictures

This collection, begun by Archbishop Cobbe in the 18th century, hangs throughout the house. Pictures have been added over the centuries, and highlights include paintings by Titian, Gainsborough and Joshua Reynolds.

Hatchlands as a family home

The house is a family home to our tenant, Alec Cobbe. Our limited opening hours reflect this, allowing Mr Cobbe some privacy while still giving you an opportunity to glimpse the wonderful collections he's assembled.

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Robert Adam

Celebrated architect Robert Adam designed the interiors here, in his first country house commission. Much of his work can still be seen throughout the house.


Chart the history of our house. Follow the stories of the Admirals, socialites, politicians, industrialists, school pupils and others who've lived here over the centuries.


Our house is a family home so many of our objects are out on loan to other places. For rarely seen items, take a look at our highlights page in the national inventory of collections.

Cellar tours

Our cellar comes complete with built in eighteenth century wine racks © James Duffy

We're opening up as many hidden and rarely seen places as possible. Find out how previous generations used the underground spaces here on our cellar tours.


Enjoying a personal tour of Formby © Paul Harris

Get a little house history and enjoy music from the instruments of The Cobbe Collection. The basic guide lasts around 45 minutes and is available for £2 from the house entrance.

Take a two-minute tour

Take a whistle-stop tour through our house and collections, hear from our tenant Alec Cobbe and find out a little more about the park and gardens.