Our heathland is buzzing with wildlife

Bank voles live secretly on Headley © Sarah Bradford

Bank voles live secretly on Headley

Because of our varied habitats you can find all kinds of plants, birds and animals here. The heath is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) for its rich and diverse wildlife.

A mosaic of habitats for many creatures

An unusual mosaic of different habitats © National Trust

An unusual mosaic of different habitats

Headley Heath is situated on the dip slope, the gentler slope, of the North Downs facing towards the London Basin. It has an unusual mosaic of different habitats, including acidic heathland, alkaline chalk downland and mixed woodland.

Helping hand to discover our wildlife

Follow the lizard trail and see our wildlife first hand and become an intrepid explorer. Pick up a leaflet from one of our notice boards or download one (below) before you venture out.

Tell us what you've seen

We’d love to know if you’ve spotted anything interesting on your visit. Why not drop us an email with your sightings?

Keep up to date with wildlife news

There are some great wildlife pics and snippets on our Facebook page and also on the Surrey Hills Facebook page. Check out what’s going on and who’s on the block...

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