Our work

Winthrop's Café

An artist's impression of the café

An artist's impression of the café

Our old Garden Restaurant has received a much-needed makeover. The fully refurbished Winthrop's Café sits at the heart of the garden and offers visitors tasty treats and delicious lunches.

The intimate dining room boasts a parquet floor, wood-burning stove and plush furnishings to set the tone. When the sun is shining, you may prefer to outside on the new terrace.

The kitchen garden grows

The kitchen garden © Arnhel de Serra

Lawrence Johnston created a kitchen garden to help supply the locals with fresh veg. Eventually it was replaced by an orchard, but now we're regrowing the kitchen garden again.

What we've done so far

Freshly picked courgettes © Penny Tweedie

Visit today and you'll see two big beds full of fruit, veg and flowers. The produce makes its way a few metres from the beds to our café.

What we're doing now

Sarah developed the kitchen garden from scratch at Hidcote © Hidcote Manor Garden

We've finished clearing and fertilizing a new plot. This will mean that we can grow even more fresh produce for the café.

Planting the bulb slope

Common spotted orchid

We've teamed up with Sheffield University to replant the garden's bulb slope. So another piece of the garden will soon be back as Johnston intended, but with a modern twist. It will look great in a few years.

Composting and recycling

We recycle

Close up of a shovel containing a pile of compost at Anglesey Abbey. © David Levenson

Our composter, which we lovingly call Caroline, guzzles up all the food waste from the kitchen. She turns it into juicy compost that our gardeners can shovel up and spread in the borders. We also recycle all of the glass bottles from our two cafés.

More about Caroline the composter

Recycling food waste © David Levenson

Caroline lives out of sight in the gardeners' enclosure. We're aiming to open up this area, so you can meet Caroline soon and see her in action. She's so efficient that we rarely buy in compost now. During the summer, you might be able to smell her as she quietly digests yesterday's lunch.

We've started a juicy venture

Windfall apples in the garden

We've harvested more apples from the orchard and turned them into our very own delicious Hidcote apple juice. We use five apple varieties and you can buy the juice from the shop here.

Help us make an insect house

Beetle on a visitor's hand

Pick up fallen leaves, twigs and feathers as you wander around the garden. Take them along to the orchard, where you can pop them in a willow pyramid. It provides a cosy shelter for insects, like ladybirds, over winter.

Giving birds a new home

The Tawney Owl is a common sighting at Overbeck's

Look up into the trees and you might see one of the many bird boxes we've been putting up. They come in different shapes and sizes to attract different birds, including owls and kestrels. Sadly, squirrels like them too.