Top plants to see in spring at Hidcote

Experience the garden in spring and you'll be in for a surprise.

Shake off those winter blues by getting out and about among the spring flowers. Take a walk along the blanket of flowering narcissi in the Pillar Garden or let the tulip display take your breath away in the Old Garden.



    Don't miss the carpet of hellebores in the Circle. As the weather warms up the flowers will soon fade.


    Pink flowering magnolia during April

    Pink clouds from our magnificent flowering magnolia campbellii fill the sky during April. But be quick - they don't last long.


    Narcissi flowering in April

    Blankets of narcissi carpet the ground in the Pillar Garden. A sign that summer isn't far away.

    Skunk cabbage

    Skunk cabbages in the Stream Garden at Hidcote, Gloucestershire

    As you might imagine, this plant has a very unpleasant smell. See them growing along the banks of the small stream and take in their unusual aroma.

    Handkerchief tree

    Handkerchief tree at Hidcote, Gloucestershire

    You'll never forget seeing our magnificent handkerchief tree in May. The huge creamy white hankies, or bracts as they're known, that give the tree its name, flutter between its pale green leaves.


    Tulips flowering in the Old Garden at Hidcote

    Calling all tulip lovers: Hidcote is a must from late April until mid May when 15,000 tulip bulbs come into flower.


    Purple allium in full flower during May

    The alliums in our Pillar Garden aren't just any old alliums. They're giants.

    Look closely at the purple pom-poms and discover that they're really made up of thousands of tiny flowers.


    Rose Walk at Hidcote, Gloucestershire

    Our wisterias are always spectacular during May.

    Take a stroll along the Rose Walk. Sit and reflect on the bench at the end, which is framed by beautiful wisteria. Truly magical.