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Autumn at Hidcote


A snow covered gazebo at Hidcote, Gloucestershire

Frosty mornings are always special but it can get very, very cold when you're high up on a hill.


Look out for the hellebores in The Circle

Everything suddenly starts to burst back to life in spring. Snowdrops are quickly followed by hellebores and narcissi.


Summer evenings are magical at Hidcote

Summer is a great time for walking along the herbaceous borders and feeling inspired by the awesome colour combinations.

Hercules avenue

It can be weeks before the gardeners can start gardening again after it's snowed.

Magnolias in the stream gardens in March

There's nothing better than seeing the magnificent magnolias in full bloom along the stream gardens.

The Bathing Pool

Take in the sweet smells of summer. There's always something new to discover.

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