See buzzards circling majestically above © National Trust

See buzzards circling majestically above

Look out for buzzards circling overhead. You can get great views of them hunting from our visitor car park. Despite their size, crows love to attack them.

Bird boxes

Tawny Owls can find a home in the bird boxes we've been putting up © NTPL

Tawny Owls can find a home in the bird boxes we've been putting up

Look up into the trees and you might see one of many bird boxes we've been putting up. They come in different shapes and sizes, to attract different birds, including owls and kestrels. Sadly, the squirrels like them too.

Insect pyramid

Insects love the winter home we’ve made for them in the kitchen garden © Jonathan Buckley

Insects love the winter home we’ve made for them in the kitchen garden

Pick up fallen leaves, twigs and feathers as you wander the garden. Take them along to the orchard, where you can pop them in a willow pyramid. It will provide a cosy shelter for insects, like ladybirds, over winter.

Wildlife to watch for

  • Green woodpeckers feeding off the Great Lawn
  • Grass snakes swimming in the lily pool during the summer
  • The occasional red kite flying overhead
  • Foxes in and around the garden at evening time
  • Garden birds pecking crumbs off the floor by the Barn Café
  • Swallows nesting in the eaves in the thatched barn in the courtyard
  • Great crested newts in the Bathing Pool during the summer
  • The elusive hummingbird hawk-moth near jasmine in the plant house

Uninvited wildlife guests


Watch bats skim over the bathing pool looking for insects © National Trust

Late summer, when the light's fading, is the time to spot lesser horseshoe bats as they emerge from the cellar below the kitchen. And you might also see a Daubenton's bat skimming over the Bathing Pool. Join one of our wildlife events to track them down in the garden.


A premier site in the UK for bats, the Daubenton bat is a common site © National Trust

We can't quite explain why great crested newts love our Bathing Pool so much. But every summer, they come here to breed. It's not the perfect habitat, with no weeds to hide in, but they keep coming back for more. So, take a look during the summer and you might see them swimming about.


Theatre Lawn © Hidcote Manor Garden

We doubt you'll see them, but you'll see their calling card: you'll notice a molehill or two here and there at Hidcote. Like for most gardens, they're unwelcome guests but they seem to like the open space of the Great Lawn.

Bee closer to nature

Bees are really important to us. They help to pollinate the flowers and provide our chef with delicious honey to use in our cafés. Over the past few years we've been trying to encourage more bees into the garden. You may have spotted our hives near the Long Walk or the observation hive in the kitchen garden. Our former careership gardener, John, took over the care of the hives. He quickly became a bit of an expert.

Give birds a helping hand

Homemade bird cakes are a great way to keep your garden birds healthy, no matter what the time of year. Follow our recipe and you'll be giving your feathered friends a tasty treat while having fun at the same time.