Seasonal updates

The Hill Top garden is really showing off at the moment!

With pretty wisteria climbing up the house and shed wall, cranesbill flowering in the bursting boarders and sweet smelling roses blossoming, it's a real treat to explore.

Find out what else to look out for in our seasonal guide.

Up the garden path

The inviting garden view that Beatrix used in several of her tales

The inviting garden view that Beatrix used in several of her tales

Beatrix Potter liked this view so much that she included it in two of her books - The Tale of Tom Kitten and the Tale of Pigling Bland.  Imagine, as you walk, how you are following in the footsteps of paws and trotters.

The path is the ideal place to admire the informally planted flower beds. In the height of summer the beds are stuffed with flowers and vegetables, planted in the English country garden style. Through the door in the redbrick wall, you'll see the more formal vegetable garden and another lovely view of Hill Top house through the garden gate.

The Hill Top gardening challenge

A gardening challenge few of us face at home

A gardening challenge few of us face at home

Hill Top garden, although comparable in size to the gardens many of you have at home, welcomes well over 100,000 visitors each a year. As if that isn't challenge enough, Pete our gardener also strives to garden as organically as possible.

Our 'Mr McGregor'

Pete is our gardener-in-charge at Hill Top; our very own Mr McGregor but much more friendly!

Pete writes a regular monthly post on our Houses' team blog so you can find out what's happening in this particular 'gardener's world'.

Plan of the garden

Hill Top is on an ordinary domestic scale and underlines Beatrix Potter's preference for simple and informal over grand and imposing.

Here's a sketched plan of the garden with an idea of what's where.

Garden trail for kids

Children will enjoy exploring the vegetable garden at Hill Top house

Hill Top is an informal garden and to help amuse your children when you visit, we've set up a kids' garden trail with clues to discover.

You might even like to try it yourself. Pick up a trail leaflet in the shop when you enter the garden. 

Rain or shine?