The newly upgraded Minerva cruise ship © Mike Deegan

The newly upgraded Minerva cruise ship


We've teamed up with the UK’s three leading discovery cruise lines – Voyages of Discovery, Swan Hellenic and Hebridean Island Cruises – to offer our supporters a great range of cruises.

There can be few easier or more relaxing ways to see what Britain, and other countries, have to offer than by cruising their coastlines. Each cruise line offers bespoke National Trust partnership cruises that have been designed in conjunction with the organisation, giving passengers the opportunity to visit a number of our places throughout the itinerary.

On board will be carefully selected Guest Speakers, some of which may be appointed by the National Trust, bringing extra insight to each destination and at every port of call there will be a wide variety of carefully planned excursions.


Book one of these cruises and both you and the Trust benefit: our supporters qualify for a 5 per cent discount on fares and 10 per cent of the value of the cruise will be paid to the Trust. This does not mean you pay more than normal brochure price.

When booking your cruise as a National Trust member, please ensure you quote National Trust at the time of booking or brochure request to ensure your special savings are added.

Our cruises

  • Extra discounts on our cruises

    In addition to our Standard Fares we’re now offering, for a limited time, Saver Fares on our 2015 National Trust Partnership cruises with Swan Hellenic and Voyages of Discovery cruises. The offer is available until 30 September 2014.

  • Swan Hellenic

    Join 'Minerva' and just 350 like-minded passengers as she journeys to the world’s most iconic sites and hidden gems that larger ships pass by. Experience unique country-house comfort and style, tailor-made shore excursions and a comprehensive Guest Speaker programme. With all gratuities on board and ashore also included in your fare, Swan Hellenic cruises represent exceptional value for money.

  • Voyages of Discovery

    Avoiding the excesses of today’s mega liners, 'Voyager' is small enough to reach out-of-the-way ports and offers a friendly and relaxed on-board atmosphere. An award-winning programme of guest speakers features historians, explorers and naturalists. To their knowledge and experience you can add your own, with excursions to some of the world’s great cities and monuments.

  • Hebridean Island Cruises

    The small but luxuriously apportioned cruise ship 'Hebridean Princess' offers the highest standards of accommodation, together with a level of service from an almost forgotten era. All-inclusive cruises around the coasts of Scotland are designed to capture the essence of each port of call, with world-class speakers on selected cruises.