Facilities & access


  • Eating and shopping: Local amenities in North Holmwood
  • There are no toilets on site
  • Dogs welcome; please keep under control to protect wildlife
  • Lovely places to enjoy a picnic, especially around Fourwents pond and the viewpoint
  • Free parking at Scammels, OS 187:TQ18214630, Blackbrook Road, OS 187:TQ18354546, Mill Road, OS 187:TQ17314515 and Inholms Lane, OS 187:TQ17024697

Family & children

  • Family events throughout the year
  • Guided walks and talks by a ranger are available for school and community groups
  • Information boards located at the car parks


  • Some paths more accessible for wheelchairs, such as around the Fourwents Pond to the Scamells car park
  • There are benches scattered all over the Common