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Built for drainage

A close view of the top of the windpump at Horsey

Norfolk’s low lying marshes are great for farming, provided they are kept well drained. Horsey Windpump would control the water levels of the surrounding marshes whenever there was wind to turn its sails.

A Norfolk millwright

Inner workings of Horsey Windpump

The current windpump was built in 1912 by millwright Dan England. The England family were millwrights for over 300 years and they constructed this mill entirely from red bricks sourced locally from the village of Martham.

Floods of 1938

Horsey Windpump following the 1938 flood

This area has flooded many times throughout history and remains at the mercy of the sea. The most recent flooding to strike Horsey was in February 1938, which resulted in almost fifteen square miles being flooded for three months!

Did you know?

There were previous mills at this location

  • 1800 a wooden smock mill
  • 1830 Black mill - a brick tower mill
  • 1850s the mill was rebuilt
  • 1897 the cap was blown off
  • 1912 the current mill was completed

Events at Horsey

Enjoy one of our events and discover more about the Horsey Windpump and the secluded and beautiful Heigham Holmes, for further details click on the link or contact 0844 249 1895.

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