A traditional working mill

Houghton Mill, machinery cogs © P. O'Donoghue

Houghton Mill, machinery cogs

Whether you're an engineering geek, a history boffin, or you just like to know where your food comes from, a visit to Houghton Mill won't disappoint you.

Explore the mill to see the original cogs and workings, or ask one of our volunteers about  the mill's heritage, its waterwheel and machinery. See how we continue to bring this amazing building to life with the introduction of some newly installed hydro-powered French Burr millstones.

Get stuck in

Houghton Mill, hands on fun! © P. O'Donoghue

Houghton Mill, hands on fun!

Have a go at grinding wheat on two different hand querns. You can hoist mini sacks of grain and get the water wheels moving to create energy on the mini mill and lock models.

Whatever your age, there's lots to see and do inside Houghton Mill.

Past lives

Potto Brown, owner of Houghton Mill in the 18th century © Houghton Mill archive

Potto Brown, owner of Houghton Mill in the 18th century

Discover all about the site's one-thousand-year history through our permanent exhibition, interactive virtual tours and by talking to our knowledgeable and friendly volunteers. Learn about the monks at Ramsey Abbey and Potto Brown and his seven wives or recall the mill's Youth Hostel Association (YHA) days. 

Touch, taste, smell

Get stuck in at Houghton Mill

Explore the mill and see it come to life. Touch the displays and have a go at grinding your own flour, hear the building creak under the strain of the waterwheel, and don't forget our tasty scones!

Cat and rat trail

Follow the trail - speed indicator

Explore this 18th-century mill with our cat and rat trail. Find out how to use the speaking tube or how the millers knew how fast the millstones were turning.

Watch the wildlife

The swallow camera has been a real hit with visitors

Take a look at Swallow-cam, or look through binoculars and see if you can spot a kingfisher from our nature room.