The Manor

Stunning setting of Hughenden Manor 

Stunning setting of Hughenden Manor

The Disraelis bought Hughenden in 1848. In the early 1860s the Georgian stucco was removed to reveal the original brickwork. Additional pinnacles, new windows and elaborate brickwork completely modernised the manor.

Mary Anne's drawing room

The drawing room © Andreas von Einsiedel

The drawing room

Mary Anne Disraeli adored bright colours, especially blue and gold. These colours can be seen in the drawing room and bedroom.

Books, books and more books

Dizzy loved books © Andreas von Einsiedel

Dizzy loved books

Benjamin loved books. He wrote 21 books during his life time. When he was particularly hard up, he would write a book to quickly make money. He once said 'if I want to read a novel I will write it myself'.

Mary Anne's foot

Dizzy commissioned a marble copy of the foot of Mary Anne © Andreas von Einsiedel

Dizzy commissioned a marble copy of the foot of Mary Anne

Benjamin had a marble sculpture of Mary Anne's foot made from an original cast. He got the idea from Queen Victoria who had casts of her children's feet made.

Benjamin's library

A view of the Library at Hughenden Manor, Buckinghamshire © Andreas von Einsiedel

A view of the Library at Hughenden Manor, Buckinghamshire

Benjamin spent a lot of time in his library. He inherited 25,000 books from his father but sold many of them to pay his debts.

Nicholas' object of the month

Baroness Thatcher's Parlimentary Box


This month, Nicholas Witherick our House Manager, has highlighted Baroness Thatcher's Parlimentary box, gifted by BaronessThatcher to Hughenden Manor in 2003. Now on display in the Disraeli Room.

These handmade pine boxes covered in rams leather are lead lined to ensure that the box sank when thrown overboard in the event of capture


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