Watchmen. New art in Hughenden parkland

Ghostly guardians of history look out over parkland © Tricia Lockhart

Ghostly guardians of history look out over parkland

Watchmen is a fantastic display of 5 sentinels in the parkland recognising the role of Hughenden and the people that worked here in such secrecy during the Second World War.
Ed says, "Researching the fascinating history of the Manor led me to my starting point. Considering the importance of this property as a Top Secret centre for mapping in wartime, and the fact that 2014 is commemorating 70 years since D-Day, I felt it was right to direct this project towards the Air Ministry who were based here at Hughenden Manor."
Steve Kirkpatrick, Ranger was quick to appreciate the power of the idea and that using wood from the estate would add a satisfying link to Hillside, the wartime name for Hughenden.
These watchmen appear to be rooted, tangible symbols of a past time. Ghostly guards of a distant history observing the land. Carved from a variety of trees grown right here on the estate, but independently installed back into the landscape, paying homage to the once dominant High Wycombe furniture trade.
The wood used here is Hornbeam, Ash, and Deodar.
Why not enjoy a stroll around the Park taking in the watchmen as you go? From the cattle grid that marks the entrance to Hughenden Manor and parking, a walk across the parkland towards High Wycombe should lead you to discover all five.
Watchmen will run till the end of October 2014.