Coppicing woodland management at Ickworth

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Coppicing is a very important part of managing parkland. Sadly today in many woodland areas coppicing has stopped, the wood has become derelict and overgrown, with a permanent high canopy giving little or no light for plants to grow thus creating little biodiversity.

Here at Ickworth our conservation ethic is to bring back the coppiced woodland as it once was.

Dairy Wood is an example of an area that was last coppiced some thirty years ago and was becoming very derelict.

By March of this year, with the help of Cambridge and Suffolk National Trust volunteer community groups we've finished coppicing this area.

The return of wild flowers

By coppicing, the woodland floor can grow wild flower species such as primula elatior oxlip.

The oxlip is an important wild flower for conservation as it's indigenous to the East Anglian region, so we're very pleased to see its return to Dairy Wood so quickly.

Oxlip is also a very good indicator of ancient woodland and its presence shows good management of the wood.

Grants toward woodland management

We’re delighted that grants are available from the Forestry Commission towards the costs of woodland management.

This includes funding for the restoration of derelict coppice and management of uneconomic coppice with actions such as restocking and protection from deer or rabbit damage.

These Grants are known as The English Woodland Grant Scheme and Woodland Improvement Grant and help us tremendously with the costs of managing 600 acres of woodland.

Selling the wood from coppicing

We're able to sell the sustainable wood product gained from the coppicing, by providing fire wood to the local community, We'll also be selling milled wood at our wood and craft fair which will be held on 6 and 7 of October.

Wood and craft fair, 6 - 7 October

Don't miss this great opportunity to buy Ickworth wood, but also to buy the many beautiful items of decoration and furniture made by talented wood professionals from Ickworth wood. There are also a wide variety of other arts and crafts for all interests.