Your Ickworth memories

Fred Astridge riding Kitty, the Suffolk Punch cart horse on the estate © National Trust

Fred Astridge riding Kitty, the Suffolk Punch cart horse on the estate

Did you work at Ickworth from 1910 to 1939? Did a member of your family have connections here? If so, we'd love to hear from you.

Please email us and tell us your story.

A number of former workers still live in the local community and many have been in touch over the years.

Here's a selection of memories we've been able to capture so far...

In the garden

Fred Astridge, a former gardener at Ickworth, remembers visiting the walled gardens as a child and affectionately recalls Kitty the Cart Horse:
'The gardeners worked by the pace of the horse. I idolised her, she was a great big Suffolk Punch and I used to visit her as a boy. She used to take the vegetables from the walled garden to the house. This would take over an hour.'

In the house

Mrs Brunning, former head housemaid, recalls her work at the house:
'I began as a house maid in 1939. Later training led to the role of parlour maid and I started to wait tables. I started work at 6.00am and worked until late as I had to take coal up to the bedrooms and light fires.'

'I remember when Lord Erskine came back from India and brought a new butler. Unfortunately he did not get on at all well with the Marquis’s butler!'

In the kitchen

Mrs Mizen was a kitchen maid at Ickworth:
'My jobs were to peel and slice vegetables. I had to pluck pheasants and partridges and skin hares, which I didn’t like. The scullery maid was Winnie Dale and I shared a bedroom with her.'

'I helped Winnie with the washing up too. We were allowed half a day off every week and half a day every other Sunday.'