Costume exhibition brings the house to life

1920’s Stunning black dress with lots of detail © House staff

1920’s Stunning black dress with lots of detail

‘Connecting threads’ costume exhibition 3 April to 2 November 2014.

The clothes we choose to wear can say a lot about us – ‘connecting threads’ will take you on a journey through the Rotunda to reveal the styles, stories and lives of the people who lived here. Spanning 80 years – this costume exhibition combines pieces from our collection at Ickworth with nine pieces on loan to us from St Edmundsbury Borough Council.

We have also taken this opportunity to carry out some major conservation work on two pieces of costume from our own collection; a stunning embroidered ‘Worth’ dress reported to have been worn by Geraldine, 3rd Marchioness of Bristol, and an Edwardian cream suit belonging to Theodora, 4th Marchioness of Bristol.

Each costume reflects a particular theme surrounding the families’ preferences for entertainment, travel and dining, allowing you to delve a bit deeper into the stories of Ickworth.

Visitor’s comments:-

“Love all the clothes. Makes the house come alive” – Myra, an art deco fan.

“I think the costumes were beautiful. My sister loved them and she said that she would wear one herself! They were fascinating!” – Lily Akers

“Fascinating, but didn’t they have small waists. I am green with envy!” - Anonymous

With grateful thanks to St Edmundsbury Borough Council’s Heritage Service and the Ickworth Sewing Circle.