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Look out for our beehives when you visit the walled garden

Look out for our beehives when you visit the walled garden

Honeybees are worth over £200m a year to UK agriculture because of their work pollinating crops. Unfortunately, they're suffering from viruses, a parasitic mite and changes in the weather. We're doing our part to increase the bee population with a beehive in the walled garden which has been decorated by local primary school children. We're hoping to add another one soon. The bees are looked after by the Apiarists of our team and in the near future the honey they make will be sold in the shop.

Food for the bees

The hives are in the farther garden but they have to visit the garden next door to find the nectar that they need. Our seasonal meadow has been sown with lots of plants that they'll enjoy.

Our small feathered friends

Follow the various paths beside water to see smaller birds such as Chaffinches, Goldfinches, Marsh tits, Blue tits and Coal tits and spare a moment to visit the bird hide near the walled garden.


Several species of deer live at Ickworth

Several species of deer live at Ickworth

There’s evidence of a deer park at Ickworth as early as 1259. Today, Ickworth is home to Roe, Fallow and Muntjac deer. We have to manage the numbers of deer regularly, both to maintain the health of the deer as well as the park. Whilst working in the high offices of the Rotunda, it is delightful to see the herds roaming the fields.