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River investigation at Ightham Mote © NT

This fieldwork day gives pupils the opportunity to discover the course of a river from its source on the Ightham Mote estate.

During the day, there will be opportunities to sketch the river and test its depth, width and flow, and to use local maps.


Pond dipping is a great way to learn about habitats. © Rob Colemen

Ightham Mote has many different habitats, which makes this an ideal outing for pupils studying Habitats.

The day will provide opportunities for pupils to discover what lives in the pond, as well as to identify the different conditions and habitats in the woodland.


Den building at Ightham Mote © NT / Julie Tucker

Promoting teamwork, this session enables pupils to identify materials and components used in the construction of a shelter, before they build their own, full-sized den.

House detectives

Looking at faces from the past © NT

This hands-on study day will allow pupils to investigate what homes were like a long time ago and what it was like to live here in the past. The day includes a guided tour of the house and the remaining sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of your class, such as medieval, Tudor and Victorian themes.


Discover the hidden meaning within the portrait of Dame Dorothy Selby © NT

Investigate some of the hidden messages found in portraits at Ightham Mote and create a movable picture.

Toys from the past

Toys from the past at Ightham Mote © NT

Learn about toys from the past, what they were made from and how they differ from toys today, before making a traditional toy.

WWII: Home Front

Gas masks and games from WWII © NT

This popular hands-on activity day provides a fantastic opportunity for pupils to experience History Unit 9: 'What was it like for children in the Second World War?'

Arriving as 'evacuees', they will also be expected to help with the household chores and train as fire guards.


Education group membership (EGM) means you can visit Ightham Mote (and other National Trust properties) as many times as you like during the year. Follow the link for further details.

Education leaflet

Our education leaflet contains more details about what we offer schools when they visit, as well as approximate timings and prices for various packages. 

Teacher's resources

Our teacher's resource pack is full of ideas to help plan your visit to Ightham Mote. We have also created a Hazard Identification sheet and do contact us to book your free planning visit.

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The main house with its charming beams is surrounded by a beautiful moat © Olly Hitchen

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Get creative with Ightham Mote © A la Ronde staff

Get creative with Ightham Mote

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