The short walk at Kedleston Hall

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The short walk is a perfect route if you are looking for a quick intake of fresh air, covering approximately 2 miles you will take in woods and gardens along the way.

1. Follow the finger post signs out of the car park, through the small metal gate into the gardens. Turn right along the path and through the tall metal ‘House of Lords’ gates.

2. The path takes you on the route of the long walk, along the top of the boundary line (or Ha Ha) and through Priest Wood. Just before you enter the woodland at the back of the Hall follow the finger post sign down the meadow towards the back of the gardens.

3. Follow the fence to the left and go through the metal gate into the gardens and back to the starting point. The walk takes you through Priest Wood and Vicar wood.

4. Towards the end of the short walk you will pass through the Pleasure Grounds. Keep a look out for the butterflies in the meadows.

The short walk starts by following the route of the long walk. The long walk is a circular tour of the park. It was designed, built and planted between 1761 and 1776. It gives commanding views across the parkland and surrounding countryside. The short walk gives fantastic views of the gardens and the back of the Hall.