Lakeside walk at Kedleston Hall

Take in views of the parkland on the lakeside walk © National Trust/M Kennedy

Take in views of the parkland on the lakeside walk

The lakeside walk at Kedleston Hall is approximately 2.5 miles long and will take you across some of the beautiful parkland on the estate.

1. From the car park walk towards the three arched 'Adam Bridge'.

2. Before crossing the bridge turn left and follow the lakes towards the top end of the park, where the brook enters the park.

The building that you will pass situated at the side of the lake is the Fishing Room and Boat House. Robert Adam designed this building as a fishing lodge with two boathouses on either side.

3. When you reach the park boundary cross the wooden footbridge, next to the road bridge, and turn right.

4. Follow the lakes on the opposite side and continue through the wooden pedestrian gate into the wilderness.

5. Follow the path over the small wooden pedestrian bridge.

6. You can now either turn left after the small bridge and follow the wilderness walk route or turn right and continue along the path, parallel with the lakes, and cross back over the 'Adam' bridge towards the car park.

Much of Kedleston is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and is nationally important for a range of insects that inhabit dead and decaying wood. For this reason and for the benefit of other wildlife, we have left many fallen branches and dead trees.

The lakes at Kedleston are home to a wide variety of birds. During the summer months keep a look out for the Oyster Catchers nesting on the island. Colourful Kingfishers are also a common sight, flying just above the water looking for small fish.