House & fashion

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House and home


  • This year's fashion exhibition, the nature of fashion
  • The spectacular pride of Killerton quilt on display upstairs
  • Find items transformed from natural fibres to catwalk fashion
  • Our family trails around the house - discover Killerton's hidden past
  • Try on replica costumes from history, with outfits for all the family
  • The changing exhibition space in our study
  • The family photos and personal stories

The nature of fashion

Enjoy our latest exhibition highlighting historical techniques and fabrics © Rebecca Boxall

Enjoy our latest exhibition highlighting historical techniques and fabrics

Join us as we launch our latest costume collection, The nature of fashion, tracing the developments of raw materials as they are stitched, dyed and printed to create beautiful garments.

Pride of Killerton quilt

Discover the pride of Killerton quilt © Malcolm Jarvis

Discover the pride of Killerton quilt

After two years of hard work, Killerton's quilt is now proudly on display upstairs in the house. Awarded a 'highly commended' at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, the beautiful quilt will now be raffled to raise funds for our historic costume collection. Please note the quilt will be away 29-30 November.

The collection

See garments from the historic fashion collection in the house © M Jarvis

See garments from the historic fashion collection in the house

The costume collection housed at Killerton includes men’s, women’s and children’s clothes and accessories. They date from about 1690 to the 1970s. Come and wander the annual exhibition, and try on replica costumes in the dressing-up room.

Paulise de Bush

Paulise de Bush © John Hammond

Paulise de Bush

Find out about Killerton's expansive costume collection, collected and donated by Paulise de Bush and displayed since 1978.

Dressing up

Come and dress up in our replica costumes. There are boys’, girls’ and women’s clothes from different eras, with a choice of bonnets, hats and scarves to finish off the outfit.


Enjoy a visit to Killerton House with this view from the front entrance

Killerton House is a model of elegance, a relaxed family home nestled at the base of Dolbury Hill. The light and airy rooms create a friendly atmosphere, with splendid views of the parkland.


See the coppers, mangle and irons the maids used in the laundry rooms

The Acland family used the laundry rooms right up until 1940. Their maids soaped dirty items in the wash-house, scrubbing and starching them before drying and ironing them in the drying room.

The Aclands

Sir Richard Acland in front of his family home

Come and experience Sir Richard's gift to the nation, as he gave away the Killerton estate for common ownership so that the general public could visit and enjoy it.

Parties and politics

Sir Richard Acland gave Killerton to the Nation in 1945

Discover the family’s intriguing political history as this year’s displays tell the story of the parties and politics that took place in the rooms. See family photos and uncover Killerton’s fascinating history.

Killerton characters

Our 'hands-on experience' will let you discover all there is to know about the Aclands. See portraits and old photographs of the family discover their favourite books and pets, especially one that lived in the gardens.

Sound of music

The Aclands were a musical family. The 10th Baronet's wife Lydia was given an organ for her wedding present from her father. This organ and a Bechstein piano are in our Music Room, and can still be played today.