50 things at Knightshayes

Have you discovered our list of 50 things to do before you're 11¾?

Ask in reception for brand new activities and ideas of how you can tick a few off during your visit to Knightshayes. Collect your booklet and let the adventure begin.

Track some wild animals in the garden

Track some wild animals in the garden

No. 30 Hold a scary beast

During the summer our flowers are in full bloom. Insects and bugs go looking for food and shelter.

Our woodland and gardens are home to many creepy crawlies and wriggling beasties. Will you be brave enough to go bug hunting and hold a scary beast?

Rain showers mean out pop the slugs and snails. Perfect for No. 17 - set up a snail race.

No. 49 Find a geocache

Join the digital treasure hunt

Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt using technology to help you.

We've created and hidden some official Knightshayes geocaches. Each cache has a log book and an activity pack for you to learn more about Kinghtshayes. To find one of our caches, you need to get its GPS location by registering with or

Read more about geocaching

No. 44 Go bird watching

Come bird watching in the woods or gardens

From friendly robins to cackling crows, our trees and bushes are home to all kinds of birds.

Listen for their beautiful songs while walking in our grounds. Will you hear the hoot of an owl or spot a gliding buzzard?