Walled garden

Sweet peas in the walled garden at Knightshayes

Sweet peas in the walled garden at Knightshayes

Restored to its former glory

Wander past flower and crop beds as you watch our team of expert gardeners harvest crops and plant next year’s delicious yield. Have a chat to our gardeners and pick up expert tips for your garden at home.

Specialising in varieties of produce grown in Victorian times, the garden has a vast collection of heritage crops which are now almost extinct. With a huge range of seasonal plants it's always changing so there’s always something new to see.



Walled garden before its restoration 

Walled garden before its restoration

Compare these two pictures and you can see how hard we have worked.

Neglected and grassed over, the walled garden was left in a state of decline in the 1960s.

...and now

Walled garden after its restoration in 2001 

Walled garden after its restoration in 2001

Here you can see the walled garden, brimming with life, after its restoration in 2001. Our gardeners are justifiably proud of their achievement and we hope you like what we've done.

Spot the hare

Child searching for the hare in the walled kitchen garden

 Can you help find our greedy hare? He’s been up to mischief, having a munch on all our delicious vegetables.

Something new and different

Find out how we garden in our 100 foot polytunnel with 22 raised beds

Find out how we garden in our 100 foot polytunnel with 22 raised beds

Why not explore our new ‘Outdoor in-garden’ display and admire our collection of heritage crops growing in this sheltered environment. Stop and have a chat with our expert gardeners and find out how to garden organically in a polytunnel.

Local produce

Knightshayes Court

Why not pick up some of our unique heritage produce from the walled garden turrets. Our fresh fruit and vegetables are seasonal so there is always something new on offer.


Chickens and geese

Say hello to our chickens in the Walled Garden

Say hello to our goose and free-range rescue chickens. In the summer you can even have a go at feeding the chickens.

Exclusive treats

Knightshayes Chutney made from ingrediants in the Walled Kitchen Garden

Take a look at our unique Knightshayes chutney and wine, produced in the walled garden and available in the gift shop. Hurry, stocks are limited so when they are gone they are gone.