Our tithe barn will become a conservation studio © Rodney Melville & Partners

Our tithe barn will become a conservation studio

The next five years at Knole

With our bid for HLF funding now approved we can really start to do something very special at Knole. We're planning to improve the experience of your visit by opening more spaces.  We hope our work will provide greater and more varied opportunities for involvement with our local community.


Knole Studios

This barn will become the centre for conservation at Knole

We want to turn the old tithe barn at Knole into a conservation studio, open to the public. Here you will be able to see pieces from our collection being conserved and talk to the conservators on site.

The Haylofts

Inside the old haylofts at Knole we will pass on our heritage skills

Next door, in the old haylofts, we aim to promote heritage skills and crafts through a variety of hands-on courses and reach out to more people in the community by offering talks and demonstrations.

Brewhouse Tearoom

A tasty snack

We want to rebuild our Brewhouse Tearoom to serve more visitors in greater comfort and create upper floors in our Brewhouse Yard where you can enjoy our lovely food while looking out over the parkland.

New rooms at Knole

The retainers gallery at Knole, Sevenoaks, Kent

The attic and tower rooms of Knole are waiting to be opened to the public. We are working out the best way to show these spaces to our visitors.

Working at Knole

Come and play a part in the future of Knole

Come and play a part in the future of Knole

Part of our mission will be to recruit many more volunteers to help us with our work over the next ten years. Because we will be opening new spaces, running training courses and working more closely with our community we will have many new, rewarding and unusual opportunities here at Knole.

Find out how to join in

Enjoy the parkland at Knole

Enjoy the parkland at Knole

Knole and Sevenoaks

We want Knole to play a bigger part in the life of Sevenoaks. We want to help you enjoy a day out with us, whether in the park or house, and we're working hard to find out what we can do for you, our community.