’Skylight Studio’ 

’Skylight Studio’

Capturing the light

This new exhibition in the Fox Talbot Museum gallery showcases a fascinating range of objects from early photography.

From magic lanterns to stereoscopes; pre-photographic optical devices, period cameras and early photographs from 1780 to 1860 form the core of the exhibition. Important contributors and inventors are introduced and their techniques explained.

The exhibition runs daily until 4 January 2015 (except 25/26 Dec and 1 Jan).

Upper gallery

The upper gallery at the Fox Talbot Museum is home to changing photography exhibitions throughout the year, one in winter and one in summer.

Coming soon

A platinum print of Frank Horvart’s ’Givenchy’

A platinum print of Frank Horvart’s ’Givenchy’

Platinum: master prints from 31 Studio

19 January to 5 July

Striking, quirky and famous images that celebrate the work of master print makers '31 Studio' and the art of platinum prints.

Outdoor sculptures: Frozen world

’Blue Orchid’ sculpture

’Blue Orchid’ sculpture

17 January to 8 February 2015

Inspired by the magical, icy shapes of winter, this show features a collection of beautiful sculptures. Works by a variety of artists will be dotted around the snowdrop scattered grounds of Lacock Abbey.

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