Escape Artist

Discover a story through photo paintings and words © Fran Forman

Discover a story through photo paintings and words

The art of Fran Forman

'Escape Artist' is a rich and dream-like collection of photo-paintings by artist and fabulist Fran Forman. It offers characters, scenes and visual narratives that lure the imagination. She explores the multiple meanings of the word escape, focusing on the central idea of breaking through the normal barriers of everyday life. Many of these figures appear to be floating or rowing or sailing away, trying to leave the rest of the earth-bound world behind. Thus, the artist invites us to ask ourselves what realities exist beyond the traditional limits of gravity, linear time, and social convention.

  • 'Escape Artist' is shown in the Fox Talbot Museum gallery until 3 January 2016

Words of a journey

Fran's work is accompanied by an exquisite story written by Michelle Blake. It acts as a guide to these vast imaginary worlds, suggesting voices for some of the characters and destinations for some of the journeys. All together, the exhibition offers its own particular form of beauty, one that invites the viewer to step outside the known.

Lacock Abbey and Magna Carta

Until 31 August 2015

Learn about the famous Magna Carta in a small exhibition featuring a 1940s facsimile of the 1225 Magna Carta, which was given to Matilda Talbot when she gifted the original to nation, plus two medieval copies of the 1225 version of Magna Carta.

Find out about the history of Magna Carta and Wiltshire from an informative display in the Chapter House.

This project is a collaboration with Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre.

Beautiful watercolours

4 September to 4 October 2015

Discover more about William Henry Fox Talbot through the paintings of his daughters. They both had the artistic skill their father lacked. Talbot's frustration about his ability to draw launched him on his quest to create the photographic negative. 

A selection of their works have been photographed as part of our inventory and large facsimiles of these photographs will be on show in the Chapter House of the beautiful medieval cloisters.

Batik flags on the South Lawn

17 to 28 September 2015

A stunning display of giant batik flags will adorn the South Lawn in late summer, a beautiful experience not to be missed.

The flags were crafted in collaboration with survivors of the 2011 earthquake in Japan and artists from Bristol.