Our work

Meet the team who keep Lanhydrock looking its best

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Extreme cleaning

Conservation assistants turn up in the strangest places © National Trust

Conservation assistants turn up in the strangest places

Lanhydrock is kept in tip-top condition for you to enjoy by a team of conservation assistants. From cleaning and polishing to light monitoring and bug-catching, they get in every nook and cranny of the house to protect and care for the collections - mountain climbers and potholers would be as proud of them as we are.

Bringing the house to life

We want people to feel as if they have stepped back in time and the Victorian family are still here. From food and flowers to smells and sounds, there are lots of signs of life to find.

In pride of place

The octagonal table is being restored thanks to money from last year’s raff

Each year we hold a raffle to raise funds to help our conservation work. The table from the Morning Room underwent vital repair work last year thanks to these donations and is now back in place.

Fire safety

Lanhydrock appears as it does today because of the refurbishments carried out after it was badly damaged by fire in 1881. Find out how we've been working to prevent fire damaging the house again.