Weekly volunteers at Leith Hill

Volunteers take a well earned rest on Leith Hill © Colin Clarke

Volunteers take a well earned rest on Leith Hill

Our team of busy volunteers are the bedrock of our estate and habitat management team. Without their support, the mosaic of landscapes surrounding us would soon become unmanageable.

Each week, plants, trees, hedges and ponds are pulled, lopped, cut and dug to maintain our diverse habitats and their inhabitants. Gates, signs, benches and posts are then milled, routed, sawn and joined to keep our tracks and bridleways open for everyone.

Our sociable and cheerful team have recently been recording statistics on butterfly populations for a national survey and constructing and installing kissing gates on a public footpath. All helping in the battle to preserve our beautiful countryside.

Our volunteer work days are every Tuesday, Wednesday and first Saturday of the month. If you would like to become a member of the Leith Hill and Holmwood Common volunteers, please contact our Leith Hill office for more details.

Regular volunteers are provided with a volunteer card allowing free admission to any National Trust property and further discounts at National Trust shops, cafés and restaurants.