Leith Hill grows its own ecologists

Making a home for bees together © National Trust

Making a home for bees together

We promote inspirational education at local schools through our Guardianship scheme. Organised visits by our rangers encourage children of all ages to have fun while learning about nature.

Imaginative activities
With the help of our volunteers and the local community, we work with schools to create activities that capture the imagination - building Anglo Saxon houses, organising nature trails, teaching in outdoor classrooms and hunting for bugs.

Bee garden at Ockley
Last year we worked with a nearby school in Ockley and created a bee-friendly garden at a disused local space. The children had fun planting seeds and herbs in the raised beds and enjoyed learning about bees, pollination and ecosystems.

A handmade pizza oven has also been built and the garden has become a social hot spot for children and adults alike.

This type of sustainable project gives children stimulating surroundings that can also nurture the next generation of budding ecologists.

  • If you'd like to see how your school can benefit from our work, please email us.