Leith Hill Tower

Amazing views from the Tower © Rod Edwards

Amazing views from the Tower

The highest point on the Surrey Hills

The view from Leith Hill Tower is wonderful; on a clear day you can look north and, through the free telescope, see the clock face of Big Ben in Westminster. To the south, through Shoreham Gap, is the glimmer of the sun on the English Channel. Admission to the tower is free to National Trust members.

A high point in any visit

Leith Hill's hill top tower

Our tower can be seen from the surrounding countryside and is the highest point in south-east England at 1029ft (329m).

From the top you can see sweeping views across 14 counties.

Who built the tower?

The tower was built in 1765 by Richard Hull © National Trust

The tower was built in 1765 by Richard Hull

The tower ‘Prospect House’ was built in 1765 by Richard Hull, who lived at Leith Hill Place. The eccentric Georgian built the folly, based on a typical 1300 Wealden Tower, to increase the height of Leith Hill to over 1000ft above sea level.

You can see many hollows on the nearby slopes and it's thought that the materials needed to build the tower were quarried on site.

Brief history

Leith Hill Tower was a popular picnic spot for Victorians © National Trust

Leith Hill Tower was a popular picnic spot for Victorians

  • 1765 - built by Richard Hull
  • 1796 - Mr William Perrin (owner of Leith Hill Place) carried out extensive repairs and increased the height of the building
  • 1864 - Mr W Evelyn built the upper room and added a battlement 
  • 1923 - given to us by Mr W J MacAndrew
  • 1966 - listed by English Heritage as a Grade II listed building

Venture to the top

Climb to the top of the tower

Climb the 74 steps of the spiral stairs and gaze through the telescope. Can you see the Wembley Stadium (Arch) and the London Eye? The tower is open daily from 10am

Pick up a quiz

Enjoy our Tower quiz

Pick up the exciting 360° Panorama quiz/leaflet (free with a pencil and telescope token for every child entry with a paying adult). Find out where Richard Hull's bones were found during the tower's 1980s restoration...

Stop at the servery

Sit on a bench and admire the views

End your visit with a stop at the servery. Choose a light snack, sip a hot drink, perch on a bench and admire the views. Open daily from 10am.