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A brief history of Levant Mine

The man engine shaft © Chris Quick

From a glorious heyday through to tragedy and decline, discover a brief history of Levant Mine.

The Levant Mine timeline

Not a Greek or Roman site - ruins of the surface workings at Levant Mine © Barry Gamble

Follow the fortunes of Levant Mine, from triumph and tragedy to the present day.

Did you know?

  • The average wage for a miner in 1910 was between £4 15s and £7 a month
  • In 1960, Levant was drained and used by Geevor mine
  • Levant's mining landscape is now a haven for wildlife such as bats
  • Archaeological evidence suggests that there may have been mining here in 200 AD

Botallack mine

Botallack mine workings are a short easy walk from Levant

Botallack mine workings are a short easy walk from Levant

Although both Botallack and Levant are now cared for by the Trust, they were originally separate operations.

A Cornish mining heritage

'Great Work', a mine which worked the Godolphin Bal

Several of the Trust's properties in West Cornwall are also within a World Heritage Site, but what does this mean, and why does it deserve this status?