Gertrude Jekyll Garden

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Birds, bees and 'Bumps'

The garden on film

 Have a look at this little film featuring our gardener, Carol Macleod, who gives a little insight into the flowers in the garden, and the context of the site in relation to the Castle.

What to look out for throughout the year

  • In July and August particularly, the garden is a riot of colour
  • Eight varieties of Sweet Pea which fill the garden with scent
  • Tall crimson Hollyhock give height to the garden
  • Lavatera and Chrysanthemum adorn the pathways, laid out by Lutyens
  • In September Gladioli and Sedum add to the spectacle
  • The annual plants are removed in October
  • But the herbs and veg stay in all year as a habitat for insects
  • The garden is green, sustainable, and wildlife friendly

Gertrude's garden

Gertrudes plan was created in 1906, but not planted until 1911

Gertrudes plan was created in 1906, but not planted until 1911

Gertrude Jekyll (nicknamed 'Bumps' by Lutyens) created this garden in 1911 and it still creates wonderful colour and scent every year.

The garden occupies the site of a vegetable patch which once provided the soldiers in the Castle with food. Gertrude’s combination of hardy annuals, colourful perennials and heritage vegetables provide a riot of colour in the summer and a leafy, sheltered oasis all year round.