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Celebrate Michaelmas

Horse racing at Little Moreton Hall

Horse racing at Little Moreton Hall

Michaelmas celebrated the end of the harvest. It was one of the four 'quarter days' of the year which marked the changing of the seasons and was the time at which servants were hired and rents and other debts were paid.

We will be preparing for Michaelmas from Wednesday 16 - Friday 25 September. Come and help us celebrate the end of the summer, get ready for the winter ahead and meet our grateful goose.

Join us for our Tudor Mop fair on Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 September and find out what job you may have been hired for in Tudor times.  Displays, demonstrations and activities throughout the day.


A spooky Hallowtide

Come and enjoy a Tudor style Hallowtide with spooky stories and activities during the half term week at the end of October.

 Hallowtide runs from Saturday 24 Oct - Sunday 1 Nov, 11am - 4pm.


A Tudor tester bed in all its glory at Little Moreton Hall © Alan Ingram

A Tudor tester bed in all its glory at Little Moreton Hall

We love our bed!

We're still very excited about our full tester bed in the South Chamber.

Read about why it was commissioned and how our visitors can learn about the bed habits of the Tudors!

What's next?

Whatever you do, don't miss our Yuletide celebrations.

Starting with Advent weekend at the end of November, followed by 3 weekends of traditional Yuletide festivities in December.

It wouldn't be Christmas without Yuletide at the Hall.

Find out how the hall was built

Admire the views from the long gallery at Little Moreton Hall

Our old exhibition about how the hall was built was in need of an update!

The new displays have now been installed around the hall and we'd love to hear what you think. Please email us or fill in a comment card during your visit.


Don't miss!

Make the most of the season with a visit to Hare Hill Garden before it closes for the winter in November.

Relax in the walled garden, discover the hare sculptures or wander around the woodland garden during Autumn.