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Here comes Yuletide

Jesters create lots of fun at Yuletide

Jesters create lots of fun at Yuletide

Our preparations for Yuletide begin on the last weekend in November when we need lots of help to make decorations for the Long Gallery. Return for the celebrations in December and enjoy festive fun with jesters, story telling and musical entertainment. Explore a traditional Tudor Christmas when the Hall will be decorated with displays of food and taste some of the seasonal specialities.

Displays & Decorations

Move aside Christmas trees, here comes a Tudor feast for the eyes!

Explore traditional decorations and displays of food and you even get to try some too.

A Tudor tester bed in all its glory at Little Moreton Hall © Alan Ingram

A Tudor tester bed in all its glory at Little Moreton Hall

We love our bed!

We're still very excited about our full tester bed which arrived at the hall last year. Read about why it was commissioned and how our visitors can learn about the bed habits of the Tudors!


Flowers bloom on the front lawn

We're excited to be hosting an exhibition in summer 2015 by local contemporary textile group, Cheshire Textiles.

No Straight Lines is inspired by the hall and will run from 13 May - 12 July 2015.

Find out how the hall was built

Admire the views from the long gallery at Little Moreton Hall

Our old exhibition about how the hall was built was in need of an update!

The new displays have now been installed around the hall and we'd love to hear what you think. Please email us or fill in a comment card during your visit.


Don't miss!

To mark the centenary of the First World War, Dunham Massey Hall will re-open as the Stamford Military Hospital for the next two years. Discover the stories of the soldiers, nurses and the family who lived there.