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Celebrate Lammas

Tudor festival craft activities at Little Moreton Hall

Tudor festival craft activities at Little Moreton Hall

1 August was known as Lammas and it was an important milestone in the Tudor year.

During our Lammastide festival, from 1 August to 9 August visitors will be able to try their hands at plaiting dough for the Harvest Loaf, decorate our cartwheel and help our Tudor gentlewomen with some ‘strewing’ as Lammas was the time to refresh the covering of straw, rushes and herbs which originally formed the floor of the Great Hall.  Another important task for Tudor children was to scare birds off the all-important crops so come and make a bird puppet to flap around our wicker scare crow. 

Summer holiday fun

Explore different aspects of Tudor life during our  summer programme.

Along with Lammas, other weeks are themed around topics such as ‘dress like a Tudor, wash like a Tudor, play like a Tudor and clean like a Tudor.


A Tudor tester bed in all its glory at Little Moreton Hall © Alan Ingram

A Tudor tester bed in all its glory at Little Moreton Hall

We love our bed!

We're still very excited about our full tester bed in the South Chamber.

Read about why it was commissioned and how our visitors can learn about the bed habits of the Tudors!

Outdoor theatre

We're excited to be hosting 2 outdoor theatre productions this year.  

Alsager Community Theatre presents an adaptation of Shakespeare's The Tempest in July.

Folksy Theatre presents Hamlet in August.


Find out how the hall was built

Admire the views from the long gallery at Little Moreton Hall

Our old exhibition about how the hall was built was in need of an update!

The new displays have now been installed around the hall and we'd love to hear what you think. Please email us or fill in a comment card during your visit.


Don't miss!

Make the most of long lazy days with a picnic, followed by a game of croquet at Hare Hill garden.

Take a look at the newly planted white borders in the walled garden and discover the hare sculptures.