Your own wedding planner at Llanerchaeron


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‘You have to be able to think on your feet, you have to be adaptable and most of all you learn not to be surprised by any requests - however unusual they might be!’

This is the recipe that Janice Thomas, our visitor services manager at Llanerchaeron, in Ceredigion, west Wales, believes makes a successful wedding planner.

It’s your day
‘You just never know what to expect and you learn pretty soon that the only thing that matters is what the couple involved want. You have to do your best to cater for all tastes. You might have one wedding where everyone turns up in trainers, or where there’s unusual music or, as we’ve had recently, a secret wedding with only  four guests, the registrar, the photographer and me organising the music.’

Your own individuality
‘I’ve seen one bridegroom arrive in his beloved articulated lorry and a beaming dad escorting his daughter in a stunning pink VW camper. A horse and carriage suits the venue down to the ground, but my personal favourite mode of transport was a beautiful red vintage Jag. It was gorgeous.’

The first step is meeting the couple who’ve decided to tie the knot and begin to get a feel for how they expect their ‘special day’ to be.

Janice believes it’s important to keep an open mind and listen carefully to their ideas and try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible.

Back-up plan
Even with the best planning, there are some eventualities you can’t always prepare for.

‘I’ve stood in as official photographer many times and even had to entertain children by taking them to see the estate’s pigs!'

'I can remember one wedding where the couple had booked musicians to play during the ceremony but they didn't turn up on the day. A member of staff had a CD of classical music in her car so was able to save the day.’

It may be a huge responsibility to organise several weddings at once, but Janice admits that she loves this part of her job, especially when everything comes together on the day and the couple involved are happy.

‘It’s quite humbling to think that people are prepared to trust you with the most important day of their lives. Emotions always run high on the day and I always feel privileged to be there, and be part of such an important occasion.’

If you’d like more information on weddings and receptions and how we can help make your day extra special please email Janice or call 01545 573024.