Home Farm at Llanerchaeron

Explore the pigsties at Llanerchaeron's Home Farm © Arnhel de Serra

Explore the pigsties at Llanerchaeron's Home Farm

Home Farm at Llanerchaeron was a traditional mixed farm that ensured the house and estate had all the produce needed to be self-sufficient. 

The carefully planned layout of Home Farm, by John Nash, was to ensure the farm's complete efficiency and to avoid any time wasting.

The stock yard

The stock yard was where most of the animals were dealt with on a daily basis. The pigs today are housed in the original pigsties.

From pigs to dogs

Although first used as pigsties, they were home to the Llanerchaeron hunting pack up until the 1970s. This consisted of 20 hounds, two spaniels, two or three terriers, 20 ferrets, and the farm cats.

Milking time

In the cowshed the cows were milked twice a day, all by hand until 1952, when a vacuum milking system was installed to milk 26 cows.  Milking stopped at Llanerchaeron in 1963 when the dairy hygiene regulations changed.

You'll also find stables and tack room here for six heavy horses, most probably cobs, which were used to work the land.


Grain and food for all the animals had to be grown on the land and kept in the granary. Built on stone pillars with overhanging caps, the granary's structure was planned to discourage rats from climbing up into the grain. There’s even a cat hole in the door to allow the cats in to protect the harvest.

Today, these areas have been restored to reflect their traditional use. Where suitable they're used by our own farmers to run the farm in the 21st century.

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