The gamekeeper and the carpenter at Llanerchaeron

Estate Carpenter Keith Jones sharpens a saw in his workshop © Ian Shaw

Estate Carpenter Keith Jones sharpens a saw in his workshop

These two roles played an important part in the day-to-day running of the estate at Llanerchaeron. Each had their own workrooms at Home Farm.

The gamekeeper
There's a designated keeper's room at Home Farm for the gamekeeper. His job was to ensure that Llanerchaeron’s owners had a good day's shooting and hunting and to control the number of pests on the estate. These were animals such as rabbits, rats, crows, foxes, and birds of prey - anything that would have attacked and eaten the game birds or crops on the estate.

The gamekeeper's room was used to store his equipment, includingd snares, traps, poisons, gunpowder and shotguns. After checking the estate for poachers during the night this room was also the gamekeeper's shelter for the night.

One of the gamekeepers, John Morgan 'Jackie'

John Morgan 'Jackie' joined the estate in 1928. Several of his memories have been recorded and have helped us gain a full picture of the day-to-day running of the estate. One of his memories is his payment for catching pests:

'the Capt promised me he’d give me sixpence for every hawk I killed and sixpence for magpies and I forget som’at for crows. He’d promised a penny for every mole tail but when he saw what I caught in the first year I never heard any more.

'Once they wanted six pigeons for the house, I got six and a sparrow hawk.  As it was late I hung them all in the game room, by the time I got there in the morning to retrieve the hawk the scullery maid had feathered them -  hawk and all.'

The carpenter's workshop

This was another important part of Home Farm at Llanerchaeron. The carpenter would have been busy repairing and making items for the house, farm and garden. He was even responsible for making coffins too.

Today's workshop

The carpenter’s workshop at Llanerchaeron is used for the same purpose and today's carpenters carry out the same duties as their counterparts did many decades ago.

Over the past 20 years the carpenters have been extremely busy helping to restore the estate using the same traditional skills and tools that were used by their predecessors.