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'Why I Volunteer', a poem by Nell Baker

When asked why she chooses to volunteer at Lodge Park, Nell Baker wrote this delightful poem to explain her many reasons for joining our team.

Why do I volunteer?

Why do I volunteer? I’m not really sure,
I like welcoming people as they come through the door
I like engaging people in pleasant conversation,
and helping with historical interpretation
The look on the faces as the features enthrall,
I like just standing around the Great Hall
Children with smiles and adults to greet,
making new friends and old friends to meet
Something to do with time on my hands,
helping to maintain the gems of the lands
They say that a change is as good as a rest,
and an afternoon volunteering is one of the best!

Does this inspire you to volunteer for us? Email us or give us a call on 01451 844 130 (Lodge Park) or 01451 844 257 (Sherborne Park Estate).

Our highlights

  • 17th century spectators used to watch Fallow and Roe deer from this balcony © Nadia Mackenzie

    The balcony in the Great Room.

  • The Grand Portico at Lodge Park © NT Lodge Park

    The Grand Portico to the front of Lodge Park

  • Lodge Park as seen from the front lawn © NT Lodge Park

    The fountain to the front of Lodge Park.

  • Contemporary arts YES at Lodge Park 2012 © NT Lodge Park

    Contemporary art at Lodge Park.

  • The National Trust own a number of tenanted properties in Sherborne © NTPL/Alasdair Ogilvie

    A row of cottages in the village of Sherborne.

  • The 1820s ice house on Sherborne Park Estate © National Trust/Nathalie Bradley

    The 1820s ice house on the Sherborne Estate.

  • Wander through the Pleasure Grounds to see wonderful sculptures © Julie McKenzie/Jenkyn Kennedy

    Wooden sculpture can be found on the family walk around the Sherborne Estate.

We're currently looking for:

  • Visitor Services volunteers at Lodge Park to cover visitor reception, the cafe and room guiding. Call Alexandra on 01451 844 130 for more information.

Why volunteer for the National Trust?

Making new friends, working in amazing places and knowing that you're helping a great cause - just three fabulous reasons to volunteer with us.

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